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MLC Mission Statement

To organize, develop, and promote lacrosse in Monticello, Minnesota to honor the game by instilling the values of scholastic achievement, sportsmanship, and athletic development.

Welcome to the site of Monticello Lacrosse Club

Check back for future clinics offered by MLC

Monticello Lacrosse Club plays spring and summer seasons.
League registration opens in January


Spring Registration Opens!


Open Board and Coordinator Positions

MLC is a volunteer run organization that relies on the support of our association and community members.  Please consider filling one of these roles to help continue the best experience possible for our players!  Email if you are interested in filling a position. 

Vice President
It shall be the duty of the Vice President to assist the President in any manner necessary to operate the Club; to oversee the adherence of teams for membership, eligibility and rules violations; to serve as the liaison and attend meetings with the Lacrosse Officials organization; to act on behalf of the President at all meetings and Club events if the President is absent; to attend necessary MSSLax (Girls) meetings.

It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a record of all minutes of meetings of the Club and of the Board; to circulate all requisite notices and notifications, including but not limited to, meeting agendas, meeting minutes, and event notices; and to assist any other Officer with any task. The Secretary shall make available minutes of all General Membership meetings and all Board meetings within fifteen (15) days of such meetings to the General Membership. The Secretary shall supervise all elections, tabulate the vote, and announce the results. The Secretary and the President shall validate the voting outcome.

Jersey Coordinator
It shall be the duty of the Jersey Coordinator to be responsible for securing all needed Jerseys for the Monticello Lacrosse teams.  This includes taking inventory of current jerseys, evaluating their condition, and determining if more are needed.  In the event of acquiring additional jerseys the Jersey Coordinator determines a budget and searches various sources to be cost effective in selecting a vendor.

Recruitment & Retention Coordinator
It shall be the duty of the Recruitment & Retention Coordinator to lead recruitment efforts and build club and sport awareness. The Clinic Coordinator shall schedule annual lacrosse clinics. This includes determining a date and time, working with Field Coordinator reserving gym time, coordinating coaches and lacrosse players for instruction, and monitoring registration. Board meeting attendance is required on a bi-monthly basis or as needed.

Fundraiser/Picture Coordinator
It shall be the duty of the Fundraiser/Picture Coordinator to determine a fundraiser for the Monticello Lacrosse Club to raise funds and gather monetary donations or other gifts for the club. The Fundraiser/Picture Coordinator is also responsible for determining a date and time for team pictures with a local photographer. This includes informing players and parents of this event and providing picture forms for order selection. This position distributes pictures to coaches/players and provides answers to inquiries related to pictures.

Monticello Field Locations

Monticello Youth Lacrosse Practice and Game Field Location:
Bertram Chain of Lakes Athletic Fields
10224 Briarwood Ave NE Monticello, MN 55362

See PDF below for individual field information and field assignment.  Please note that game days there may be adjustments to field assignments to ensure teams with games have access to the correct field. 

Parents and Guests, please use the 2nd entrance (Beach/YMCA access).  Please do not use the first entrance as that is designated for Soccer. No parking or stopping on the road is allowed.  All players must be dropped off in parking lot and not on the side or entrance road. 



Please make sure you have your child's USA Lacrosse membership up to date.  If you did not do it at the time of registration, you'll need to email the USA Lacrosse membership information to the Monticello Lacrosse Club at before the 1st practice.

A reminder that a copy of birth certificates may be required when registering for USA Lacrosse.

League Registrations


All players must be registered online with the MSLAX League. The form is used to collect electronic waiver and code of conduct agreements, emergency contact information as well as verify US Lacrosse memberships which are required. Please click HERE to complete the registration/waiver form.


All players must be registered online with the GNLL Lacrosse League. The form is used to collect electronic waiver and code of conduct agreements, emergency contact information as well as verify US Lacrosse memberships which are required. Access the online registration by clicking HERE.

Equipment Information

Equipment Guide

For information on Lacrosse equipment for Boys & Girls, please see the US Lacrosse Equipment Fit Guide located in the More+ Equipment & Apparel section.

Lacrosse Drills

Lacrosse Drills

See the More+/Resources/Lacrosse Drills menu option for some helpful lacrosse drills to hone your skills!!!